January 27, 2020

Aloha Alumni,

Castle alumnus, Dennis Hida, Class of 1982, is seeking assistance with planning an event with a goal of providing hope and resources for struggling youth.

Goal: To reach those struggling with encouragement and real help and/or groups that can help them.  For youth that are ‘good’ to keep them that way by connecting them or making them aware of healthy, character building, supportive groups and activities.

If you would like to help Dennis accomplish this goal, please contact him directly, (808) 469-9784 or

Windward Community Event - LIGHT

Target Date:  Saturday May 9, 202011am-6pm @Windward Mall

Planned Program:

11am-4pm windward youth performing groups
4pm-6pm Local Entertainment

Information Tables for 3 types of groups:

  1. Non-Profits/support/Resources – target getting groups that deal with – anti-bullying(including cyber), anti-sex/human trafficking, suicide prevention, mental health, domestic abuse prevention, etc.
  2. Positive youth groups – bands, clubs, dance / hula groups, scouts, youth sports, etc.
  3. Spiritual groups(with support ministries and/or youth groups), service group(Rotarians, Kiwanis, Lions club, etc.)


>help struggling youth with heavy burdens to make these burdens less heavy, to make these burdens LIGHT

>to remind youth the LIGHT that they are in so many people’s lives.

>As a community, protect the LIGHT that are our youth…In our actions and words, support and encouragement, discipline and love.