James B. Castle High School Alma Mater, June 9, 1952

March 24, 2021

For those CHS alumni prior to 1990, have you ever noticed that the Alma Mater today reads slightly different? It's a subtle change, but perhaps one that should be addressed directly by the alumni. In its original version, the last line of our Alma Mater read "We'll honor Thee, Castle High." Today it reads, "We honor Thee, Castle High."  It is believed that the change occurred around 1990 and has remained this way for about 30 years.

The Alma Mater is all about tradition and as such, the original wording should be honored and respected. After researching old yearbooks (Kaulana), interviewing a 1952 graduate, along with other documentation, we can conclude that this is, and should be, our official Alma Mater. What are your thoughts on "We'll" versus "We"? Restore it or let it be?

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1952 Graduation Program
Enlarged from 1952 Graduation Program
Alma Mater from the 1953 Kaulana