Happy Re-U Knighted Story

October 23, 2020

Lately with all the negative stories we have been reading, here is a positive one for you to read!

So do you still have your class ring? Do graduates even purchase them today? I would guess that most of us purchased them as a special memento of our years in high school. It is an accomplishment to finish so many years of schooling.

We receive a few messages here at the Association but nothing like this one. A Hilo resident sent a message to us back in October 2020, saying that his kids found a class ring for the Castle High School Class of 1970 and that he would like to return it to the owner.

The ring was engraved on the inside with the initials of the owner. After a quick scan of the 1970 Kaulana for someone with the same initials, I found two names and took a chance with one. I quickly messaged a friend who was a '70 graduate active in class reunions and asked him to help find the owner.

The next day, he messaged me that he indeed found the owner and that it was the person I suspected was the owner.

Long story short, she had given the ring to a friend who moved to Hilo.

Somehow this women's ring got lost and now it is re-U Knighted with the owner.