2022 General Membership Newsletter

July 1, 2022

Aloha Members!

Another year has passed, and it has been a busy year. In case you have not been following our blog posts on this website, you can get a quick summary of the activities of your Alumni Association by just downloading our latest General Membership Newsletter. Like last year, we did not hold an in person General Membership meeting.

Please download the latest newsletter by clicking this link or just click on the newslettter image.

We are seeking new members to fill the missing years of our General Board of Representatives. The following downloadable table lists the current General Board of Representatives. The Association By-laws Section 4.1 states, "The General Board of Representatives shall be comprised of two representatives from each class of James B. Castle High School. Each class is to select two (2) voting representatives and four (4) alternates. The selection of the class representatives and alternates are to be determined by each class. In the absence of a voting representative, an alternate shall exercise the vote. Major commitments, expenditures, and budgets shall be approved by a majority vote of the General Board of Representatives."